What’s Included in Business Employee Documentation, and Why?

The most important way to set your business up for success is to create a plan and document it. This theory also applies for your employee population. The most important thing to do prior to bringing employees onboard to your business is to document how the business will hire and policies for the employees to follow. Depending on the number of employee the business will have, there are also policies that the business is required to have. Even if you’re a solopreneur or operate a business with yourself and an office administrator, a clear job description, policies and procedures will streamline the business making every action you take more effective

Pre-Hire Business Employee Documentation

Prior to hiring any employee, a business needs to document its hiring process. This includes job descriptions for each position, interview guides, and any preemployment screening candidates will need to undergo.

Post Hire Business Employee Documentation

Before bringing employees onboard a business should have an employee handbook that outlines the policies and procedures, time keeping, paydays, benefits, and any other employee procedure. Many of these policies and procedures are required for a business, and others are recommended for smooth operation and employee success.   It is always important to consult with a professional who will know what documentation is a must and what documentation is suggested. Generally business owners don’t create a policy until they see a need for one, however a professional with strong experience may suggest policies or procedures that the owner may have never considered.

Ongoing Business Employee Documentation and Guidance

Additionally, as important as it is to create strong employee guidance, it is just as important to review these documents annually. Throughout the year laws may change, employee’s jobs may evolve and the way the business handles a procedure may change and there are new processes that need to be documented. It is very important to clearly set employee expectations from the beginning and throughout their employment. It is just as important to set clear guidelines and follow them as outlined in your processes. Documenting all actions not only protects the business owner, it also protects the employees and the business.

Action Items

  • Locate or create/update your business employee hiring policy. Include interview guides and pre-employment candidate screening policies.
  • For each employee, locate or create/update a clear job description.
  • Locate or create/update your employee handbook based on the content requirements listed in this article.
  • Create or locate your procedure for documenting all important employee related actions.
  • Create or locate your business annual employee policy review procedure.

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