Business Entity Separate From Owner?

Nevada subscribes to the old adage that “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably is a duck”. If a person’s company looks like nothing more than an extension of the company’s owner(s), then the court may disregard the company as a separate entity form its owner(s).

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Miracle Grow Your Business

Traditional Year-End Business Reconciliation

At year-end collecting and organizing the business into manageable piles becomes calorie intensive and necessary to track properly aspects for reflective reality and improvement based on past results and effects.

  • How many organize your business by month?
  • Do you reconcile profit and loss?
  • How many take advantage of deductions or depreciation?

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Business Online Visibility and Body Weight

The value of monitoring your website visibility is similar to the value of monitoring your body weight.

Let’s start with body weight. You know the feeling, at first, you’re just living life, enjoying yourself, enjoying food, relaxing. At some point you begin to feel a little uncomfortable. You have to pull harder to get your pants latched and you watch your belt buckle loop holes need to go to the next wider hole in order to latch. One day as you look in the mirror, you begin to see your stomach pushing out further from your waist. There’s one thing you’ve avoided – the bathroom scale. You really don’t want to see where you are. So, you think, I need to do something different. You try a few things. Avoid some foods, run around the block. But things don’t get better, and finally the day comes when you’ve just got to see where you are, so you stand on the scale and receive what we’ll call a baseline measurement.

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Networking NV

I’m a new student in the world of networking, but what I have been learning in only a few months has been incredible. In these new pages, I will tell you about what I have learned. Networking NV is something that all of us can use. Even if you don’t have a company right now, knowing how companies honestly work will really help you in the future. If you are, later or now, working in business, learning more about how corporations work will tell your bosses that you are smart, active, exciting and that you are learning about this company before anybody has told you to do it. This means that you are all about learning, just because knowledge is better than not knowing.

Now, I am starting to see a new world, a world about and from companies. I have been living in Las Vegas for most of my life, and I have been a writer and a photographer for corporations for most of my life. Still, I was so busy with my work that I didn’t really think about how these companies worked. In only a few times with this group, Business 360 Success, I am starting to get why and how corporations honestly work. Each of us can learn quite a lot from these teachers, and knowing more about Network NV can only help us in our futures.

In my future pages, I will tell you about what I am learning and why I believe that these things are going to help me. I am a freelancer, so I don’t have a company. Instead, I am working with all of these companies and trying to give them the best writing and photography that they need. If you are like me, a freelancer, then you should go to Networking NV groups, because there you will see at least a few companies and people who will want you for your abilities and skills. I can’t wait to tell you more about what I am learning, and hopefully what you will learn as well!

-Christopher Erle

If you are thinking about selling your business in the short term, there are some areas you can improve now that will increase the value of your company to potential buyers. Here are three of the most common things a business owner can do right away.

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What’s Included in Business Employee Documentation, and Why?

The most important way to set your business up for success is to create a plan and document it. This theory also applies for your employee population. The most important thing to do prior to bringing employees onboard to your business is to document how the business will hire and policies for the employees to follow. Depending on the number of employee the business will have, there are also policies that the business is required to have. Even if you’re a solopreneur or operate a business with yourself and an office administrator, a clear job description, policies and procedures will streamline the business making every action you take more effective

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Learn how to set up and run your payroll.

Running payroll for the first time can be a bit scary, and keeping up with Federal and State regulations changes can be overwhelming. First step is to learn what information is needed to set up Payroll and what to collect from employees and tax department. This article will assist with the proper steps on how to set up your payroll and how to run your payroll.

Additional Human Resources Items to Have On Your Radar

You will need to register and gather some information in order successfully set up your payroll. It’s always important to also have your HR in place, employee application, employee hand book, job description and responsibilities to mention a few. Today we will focus on the basics of what you need to set up your company’s payroll.

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Why Is It Important to Have a Great Business Website?

Your business website:

  • Is the first impression many people get of your business.
  • Gives the best, most visible presentation of your business, the way YOU want people to understand it.
  • Helps you articulate your mission, message, intention and strategy – keeps you organized and focused.
  • Educates your
    • Market
    • Clients
    • Team
    • Associates
    • Prepares all of the above to take action favorable to your business health and growth
  • Is your voice and presence where you are not physically present.

If you don’t have a great business website, you’re not doing all of the above as effectively as you would if you had a great, currently updated, professional business website.

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The Mistake of Focusing Only On Current Business Demands

Estate Planning is an essential part of business planning. It is not unusual for business owners to think much of business plans, entity formation, marketing, and bookkeeping, and give very little thought to estate planning. I believe this is because most new business owners are so consumed with the setting up and day to day operation of their business, that they give little thought to the future. This is a mistake.

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