A 360-Degree Look at Small Business Human Resources Requirements.

Every small business owner not only has the dream to start their own company, but for it to grow and flourish. An all-important element of success, and one way the actual value of a business is determined is by the quality of its employee team. Here are our top 10 keys to creating and maintaining a high-performing employee team that will support the growth and success of your business.

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The Problem with DIY Business Structuring:

Do you have all the required licenses? Do you have all of the appropriate documents and meetings for your Corporation or Limited Liability Company? Most new businesses believe that once their registration is approved by the Secretary of State, they’re properly structured. The business owner may have filled out all the required forms, or perhaps registered through an online website by clicking on a series of check boxes the elements that best described their business. They hit the submit button and automatically submitted their quick business registration. Mission accomplished? Nothing could be further from the truth.

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360-Degree Look at Small Business Valuation and Exit Strategy

A 360-Degree Strategy for Selling Your Business at Maximum Value

Sellers don’t get much experience selling their businesses. In most cases, they only sell a business once in their life, so sellers often make mistakes that they wouldn’t make a second time. Here are some of the most common ones you can avoid.

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A 360-Degree Look at Business Structuring

If you’re in business for yourself, you need to be prepared to face a lawsuit.

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A 360-Degree Look at Administering a Small Business Office

Keys to Successful 360 Business Office Administration


The story has been repeated over and over. An executive, having worked years in a corporate setting dreams of the liberated feeling that will come with working from home. No daily commute. No dress code. No rigid time schedule. No distractions. Sounds great?

Working From Home May Not Be So Liberating

Again and again, former corporate workers turned business owners are finding that working from home brings a different, not so liberating reality. There is a new set of distractions. The rigid corporate schedule may be gone, but now, it becomes evident that that schedule, in some ways, created the kind of daily routine that helped guide productivity. Working from home without set work hours, without the organization of the workplace and without a routine can lead to a drop in productivity.

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A 360-Degree Look at Small Business Online Marketing Strategy

A 360-Degree Introduction to Business Online Marketing


How do you cut through the internet noise to give your business visibility among the 12 million new domains/websites being registered each quarter, let alone the 326.4 million domains worldwide?*

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