Business Entity Separate From Owner?

Nevada subscribes to the old adage that “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably is a duck”. If a person’s company looks like nothing more than an extension of the company’s owner(s), then the court may disregard the company as a separate entity form its owner(s).

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Miracle Grow Your Business

Traditional Year-End Business Reconciliation

At year-end collecting and organizing the business into manageable piles becomes calorie intensive and necessary to track properly aspects for reflective reality and improvement based on past results and effects.

  • How many organize your business by month?
  • Do you reconcile profit and loss?
  • How many take advantage of deductions or depreciation?

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Business Online Visibility and Body Weight

The value of monitoring your website visibility is similar to the value of monitoring your body weight.

Let’s start with body weight. You know the feeling, at first, you’re just living life, enjoying yourself, enjoying food, relaxing. At some point you begin to feel a little uncomfortable. You have to pull harder to get your pants latched and you watch your belt buckle loop holes need to go to the next wider hole in order to latch. One day as you look in the mirror, you begin to see your stomach pushing out further from your waist. There’s one thing you’ve avoided – the bathroom scale. You really don’t want to see where you are. So, you think, I need to do something different. You try a few things. Avoid some foods, run around the block. But things don’t get better, and finally the day comes when you’ve just got to see where you are, so you stand on the scale and receive what we’ll call a baseline measurement.

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