Continuing the Entrepreneurial Journey Theme

In my last article,  The Entrepreneurial Journey, we explored individual passion and making a directed decision regarding our business vision.

  • What is our business?
  • What is our mission?
  • What resources are necessary?
  • What does an ordinary day look like and how do you want to see that improve?
  • Whom do we seek?
  • Why do we seek them and where are they?
  • How are our goals going to be met and are they of benefit?
  • What MOTIVATES me?

That was only the beginning…

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Put the Odds in Your Favor

Many business owners are surprised at the level of activity and demand required to start a new business. Without some basic elements in your favor, you’ll be running a hard up-hill race with many obstacles. The good news is that with a little preliminary thought your can arrange the odds in your favor. How to do this?

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The Problem with DIY Business Structuring:

Do you have all the required licenses? Do you have all of the appropriate documents and meetings for your Corporation or Limited Liability Company? Most new businesses believe that once their registration is approved by the Secretary of State, they’re properly structured. The business owner may have filled out all the required forms, or perhaps registered through an online website by clicking on a series of check boxes the elements that best described their business. They hit the submit button and automatically submitted their quick business registration. Mission accomplished? Nothing could be further from the truth.

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A 360-Degree Look at Business Structuring

If you’re in business for yourself, you need to be prepared to face a lawsuit.

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