Poor Phone Skills Can Seriously Damage Business Profitability

Did you ever experience a phone call go bad, and you didn’t know why? You couldn’t recall anything negative you said, but you received a negative result? Perhaps the person on the other end of the line decided not to schedule a meeting with you, or not to buy a product or service, or they didn’t seem to trust your opinion, or they asked to speak to someone else. You ended up feeling rejected or incompetent, or just decided you were having a bad day. It was all made worse when someone else spoke to the same person and got a positive result, even though they used the same argument, even the same words!

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A 360-Degree Look at Administering a Small Business Office

Keys to Successful 360 Business Office Administration


The story has been repeated over and over. An executive, having worked years in a corporate setting dreams of the liberated feeling that will come with working from home. No daily commute. No dress code. No rigid time schedule. No distractions. Sounds great?

Working From Home May Not Be So Liberating

Again and again, former corporate workers turned business owners are finding that working from home brings a different, not so liberating reality. There is a new set of distractions. The rigid corporate schedule may be gone, but now, it becomes evident that that schedule, in some ways, created the kind of daily routine that helped guide productivity. Working from home without set work hours, without the organization of the workplace and without a routine can lead to a drop in productivity.

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