Business Online Visibility and Body Weight

The value of monitoring your website visibility is similar to the value of monitoring your body weight.

Let’s start with body weight. You know the feeling, at first, you’re just living life, enjoying yourself, enjoying food, relaxing. At some point you begin to feel a little uncomfortable. You have to pull harder to get your pants latched and you watch your belt buckle loop holes need to go to the next wider hole in order to latch. One day as you look in the mirror, you begin to see your stomach pushing out further from your waist. There’s one thing you’ve avoided – the bathroom scale. You really don’t want to see where you are. So, you think, I need to do something different. You try a few things. Avoid some foods, run around the block. But things don’t get better, and finally the day comes when you’ve just got to see where you are, so you stand on the scale and receive what we’ll call a baseline measurement.

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Why Is It Important to Have a Great Business Website?

Your business website:

  • Is the first impression many people get of your business.
  • Gives the best, most visible presentation of your business, the way YOU want people to understand it.
  • Helps you articulate your mission, message, intention and strategy – keeps you organized and focused.
  • Educates your
    • Market
    • Clients
    • Team
    • Associates
    • Prepares all of the above to take action favorable to your business health and growth
  • Is your voice and presence where you are not physically present.

If you don’t have a great business website, you’re not doing all of the above as effectively as you would if you had a great, currently updated, professional business website.

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Sales and marketing drive business success, and having a strong marketing message when key sales opportunities arise translates into accelerated business growth. The problem: Not knowing what to say in the moment that a key sales opportunity arises.

Top 10 Key Marketing Opportunities Lost or Underutilized

  1. Business mission statement.
  2. Description of business services.
  3. Elevator speech opportunity.
  4. Elevator speech follow-up
  5. Networking opportunity.
  6. Opportunity to acquire the first client interview.
  7. Low risk introductory offer.
  8. Conducting the first client interview.
  9. Client upsell opportunities
  10. Client de-briefing (review value, get testimonial, get referrals)

Knowing What to Say Helps You Seize the Moment

Imagine, if you knew what to say in these instances, how this would help you maximize these opportunities and increase your business. Create and master template messages for each of the above marketing opportunities.

Regularly review your key marketing messages:

Many things change over time:

  • The market
  • Your business
  • Your own interests
  • The relevance of your products and services

A new business should review these key messages every 6 months. An established business should review these key messages at least once each year.

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A 360-Degree Look at Small Business Online Marketing Strategy

A 360-Degree Introduction to Business Online Marketing


How do you cut through the internet noise to give your business visibility among the 12 million new domains/websites being registered each quarter, let alone the 326.4 million domains worldwide?*

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