Once you’ve registered your business domain and have a powerful hosting provider, it’s time to create your business website. WARNING!!! The quick web creation tools provided by hosting companies are not going to give you the powerful business website you need for successfully marketing your business. You need the following:

  1. The world-wide supported WordPress platform.
  2. A powerful flexible WordPress Theme (template).
  3. Basic guidance on using these to create your website (or)
  4. A professional to create your website for you.

Website Creation Plans

Whatever your business budget, we’re going to help you to a business website that will grow with your business. This means you will not need to “start over” at some time in the future as your business grows or your needs change. We’re going to give you the website infrastructure that you can grow and evolve — throughout the entire life of your business.

Shoestring Budget

We recognize that some start-up business are on a “fund-as-you-go” budget. But you too deserve to have the infrastructure for a feature-rich, reliable website that will grow throughout the life of your business.

Our Business Website Starter Package is only $250 and includes setting up your:

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Installing the powerful WordPress content management system
  4. Installing the key plugins you will need for website functionality and marketing
  5. Installing an all-powerful, feature-rich LAST website template you will EVER need
  6. Giving you 1 hour basic training on how to use these to create your powerful business marketing website.

Note: You’ll be creating your website, but we’ll start you off with the right tools and guidance. This is a huge value!


Start Right Now to Create Your Professional Web Presence

4-Page Basic Business Website: Full Creation

Imagine having a professionally designed website, fully up and running, without breaking the bank! Features will include:

  • Everything included in the above Business Website Starter Package +
  • Working with you to create a powerful business marketing message.
  • SEO keyword list creation and implementation.
  • Complete design of 4 pages (Home, Services, About, Contact)
  • Working with you to describe your services in a compelling way.
  • Guiding you in the selection and purchase of the key professional images you’ll need to add that professional look.
  • Guidance on acquiring a professional business logo.
  • 1 hour training on how to manage and grow your business website going forward.

Result: Prospects and clients have a way to find you on the web, learn about your business and its value and contact you.

Start Right Now to Create Your Professional Web Presence

Ask About Our Additional Business Online Marketing Support Options

  • Search Engine Optimization (Website Visibility)
  • Email Marketing and List Building
  • Social Media Profile Set-Up and Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing Automation
  • Video Marketing
  • Article Marketing (Blogging)
  • Thematically Unified Content Marketing (Powerfully unifies all of the above.)

We can either perform these operations for you, or give you the tools and guidance to run your own business marketing program.



Start Right Now to Create Your Professional Web Presence