We’re a leadership team committed to creating and growing a 360Business network in Las Vegas Nevada, based on 360 Business Growth Education, setting 360 Business Growth Intentions and partnering for 360 Business Accountability and Follow-Through.

LornaAnn Pascual

360 Business Structuring

“Successful 360 business structuring includes proper business licensing and documentation, financial structuring including business banking, financial plan, budgeting, funding strategy, tax strategy and oversight through a qualified CPA.”
-LornaAnn PascualĀ  Learn more…

Damian Barton

360 Business Structuring

“Successful 360 business structuring takes into account asset wealth preservation, liability protection, tax savings, business integrity and strategic planning through tailored solutions and optimizing business efficiency and effectiveness.”
-Damian Barton Learn more…

David Smith

360 Online Marketing

“Successful 360 online marketing includes creating an engaging business message and branding, then integrating these into a professional website, website visibility, list growth and engagement and social media marketing.” -David Smith More about 360-degree online marketing…

Cathi Rickly

360 Appreciation Marketing

“Successful 360 appreciation marketing includes making a meaningful first connection, followed by an effective 1-2-1 meeting and consistent high-touch connectionsĀ  that grow lifetime personal/professional relationships ultimately converting to business.” -Cathi Rickly

Peter Coleman, CBI, CExP

360 Business Valuation/Exit Planning

“Successful 360 business valuation and exit planning means setting up your business in a way that enables you to sell it.” -Peter Coleman, CBI, CExP More about 360-degree business valuation and exit planning…

Jazarae Ozoa-Taan

360 Office Administration

“Successful 360 office administration includes a business center, corporate conference room, essential office equipment, technology and connectivity, 24/7 phone coverage and, if a virtual office, mail forwarding. SOPs and simple repeatable processes are vital.” -Jazarae Ozoa-Taan Learn more…

Kelly Richardson

360 Human Resource/Employee Engagement

“Successful 360 Human Resources includes onboarding, training, development, coaching, mentoring, team building and most importantly succession planning for future success. Business leadership and compliance are essential.”
-Kelly Richardson Learn more…

Alberto Del Valle

360 Human Resource/Payroll Processing

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