A 360-Degree Look at Administering a Small Business Office

Keys to Successful 360 Business Office Administration


The story has been repeated over and over. An executive, having worked years in a corporate setting dreams of the liberated feeling that will come with working from home. No daily commute. No dress code. No rigid time schedule. No distractions. Sounds great?

Working From Home May Not Be So Liberating

Again and again, former corporate workers turned business owners are finding that working from home brings a different, not so liberating reality. There is a new set of distractions. The rigid corporate schedule may be gone, but now, it becomes evident that that schedule, in some ways, created the kind of daily routine that helped guide productivity. Working from home without set work hours, without the organization of the workplace and without a routine can lead to a drop in productivity.

Problems with Piecing Together a Supportive Office Environment

And then, those things once taken for granted, like office equipment, computers, printers and regular training, maintenance and upgrades are suddenly missed. In the absence of standard operating procedures, every task can become a re-inventing of the wheel, and you find yourself spending a lot more time on administration and a lot less time on delivery of products and services. In addition, with all personal and business mail coming to your home address, things begin to get lost and mixed up. Then, without that conference room, where will you hold client and team meetings? Meeting at various coffee shops can be distracting, travel is time-consuming. You may not want to bring clients into your home. When you meet at a client office, you’re interrupted over and over when their phone rings and they stop the meeting to take the call. The liberating situation of working from home has actually caused you to lose time, productivity, organization, the credibility that comes with a corporate setting, while bringing on a host of new tasks and a lot of confusion!

Client Stories

I met a client who needed my virtual office services in order to create a business address because Google would no longer recognize his home address as a valid business address. Google would not accept a USPS or UPS PO Box as a business address. He fell off the Google map, his business website plummeted off of Google page one and became invisible. Business revenue sharply dropped. Another client was losing business as phone calls dropped off due to an annoying automated answering machine. Potential clients will more readily speak with a live person rather than getting nowhere with a machine. Yet another client who lives in a remote area in Canada was experiencing slow or unreliable mail delivery. Other clients are just tired of opening and organizing mail. That’s not an operation that generates business income and growth.

Solution: A Virtual Office and Virtual Office Administration

Save Time, Confusion and Money

Fortunately, the task of setting up and administering a high-performing business office can be nearly effortless. Many business owners are finding the answer in a virtual office and virtual office administration. When compared to the time, confusion, disorganization and opportunity loss of a home office, a virtual office can actually be administered at a small fraction of the cost. There is no need to purchase and maintain office equipment, no regular monthly office space rent. Internet, phone, printer, fax, receptionist expenses all go away as separate expenses and are bundled into one lower, more manageable cost. No more lost calls means more new client opportunity; and better service to existing clients translates into client loyalty and more repeat business.

Work On Your Business, Rather Than In Your Business

With a virtual office, while you’re in the field, you can receive summary phone reports via email, and respond more promptly, on your timing. Mail that is scanned and emailed as attachments is far easier to read and file. Wifi (internet), parking, use of a conference room for professional meetings, equipped with the basic refreshments like water, tea and coffee, all make running your business much easier. You’re free to work on your business and focus on growth and better service, rather than running in endless circles slaving in your business.

The Value of Virtual Office Administration

And when your expert virtual office and virtual office administration comes with your own customized standard operating procedures, you’re no longer wasting time re-inventing the wheel every time you need to create a business proposal or contract, set up a spreadsheet, organize a project or pay a bill. You’re no longer spending an entire afternoon searching for that missing file. All the information you need is at your fingertips. And with all information safe, secure and available, you’re no longer in fear of a threatening breach in confidentiality that could destroy your reputation and your business. Overall, you’ll have less stress or fear when having a virtual office and virtual administrator to help you realize the freedom you anticipated when you left your corporate office setting and went into business for yourself.

Benefits of a Virtual Office and Virtual Office Administration

In summary, with a virtual office and virtual office administration expect to:

  • No longer waste time searching for missing documents and information
  • Enjoy the productivity of an established, uninterrupted routine
  • Always have key office equipment like computer, printer, phone and fax up and running
  • Have easy access to Standard Operating Procedures and templates for such processes as creating proposals and contracts, setting up client projects, interviewing and hiring employees and more
  • Stop reinventing the wheel every time you perform a business process
  • Have a professional environment in which you can conduct client and other business meetings
  • Know that you will never miss a call or an important mail item
  • Save time by no longer needing to answer unwanted sales calls and sort through unwanted mail

Again, expect with a virtual office and virtual office administration to spend more time working on growing your business instead of working in your business!

Steps You Can Take Now

Are you working in a less than supportive business office environment? You can begin to turn things around now. Here are two thought starters:

  1. From what I’ve have spoken about today please list 2 things that are working well regarding your office environment and administration? Technology? Procedures?
  2. If you could change one thing about your administration, what would it be?

Has anything from today resonated with you? Would you like to take a little bit of your time to go over some of the problem areas you may be having? Would you like some support?

Invitation to A Power Office Consultation

I’m offering business owners an expert complimentary consultation during which we will look at your office environment and administration. We will definitely identify some actions you could take that would increase efficiency and productivity.

Jazarae Ozoa-Taan

About Jazarae Ozoa-Taan

Jazarae Ozoa-Taan formed Aloha Mailing Services in March 2017, to support business growth and success by providing turn-key administrative services and a professional office environment. She has 14 years of customer service, more recently adding virtual shared office and mail forwarding services. Jazarae is truly fit for this position because she cares about each and every one of her clients and their needs. She promotes trust and confidentiality so that her clients have peace of mind that their information is safe. Jazarae is also a partner of American Business Services, providing legal structuring for businesses.

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